I got to know Cynthia when requested to participate in a development of a sustainable tourist resort in the Otomí reserve close to Mexico City. Cynthia has a lot of experience in construction with many different natural materials and has been recently awarded by the mexican government as inspiring young professional with the Injuve Price. When talking to her about the Hack-Shack, she was so kind and willing to help me out with some architectural drawings and advising about different natural materials. To respect the spirit of the Hack-Shack She proposed to use Tadelakt as a finishing for the Bathroom.

Tadelakt  is a waterproof plaster surface used in Moroccan architecture to make baths, sinks, water vessels, interior and exterior walls, ceilings, roofs, and even floors. It is made from lime plaster, of course mixed with sand from the holy Hack-Shack land, which then is rammed, polished, and treated with soap water to seal the cavities in the plaster to make it waterproof and water repellent.

On the featured Image, Baltazar, our Hack-Shack Grand Master Mason and Cruz Azul Master Fan, is rubbing the Soap Water onto the lime plaster with a quartz like stone. Baltazar did an outstanding job throughout the whole construction. Learning and applying the Tadelakt technique, demonstrated by Cinthia, wasn’t any different.


The first bathroom wall out of Tadelakt. Imperfections are part of our learnings … and provide a certain “caché”

The fact of using the sand of the very place in different shapes and applications as the outside plaster, the inside wall lime plaster, the Tadelakt bathroom plaster and the lime floor generates a very cosy feeling. When walking around the house, you realize that the grain and texture of the finishing are similar and just vary slightly in colors. This provides the feeling as if the house is shaped by human hand and fits completely into the surrounding.


It feels right to create your housing with local material, finally they are made by their very environment and will therefor blend into the site for eternity.


View outside the bathroom. You can observe the fine Tadelakt finish on the right side.


(from left to rigth) Josue, Cinthia and Octavio discussing the lime floor test we did on the water cistern


Mixing natural pigmentation as coal and earth into the lime finishes.

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