Inside Plaster

Yesterday I wrote about the arrival of the Biodigestor, but I haven’t shared any update on how the house has been coming together. So here we go back to October 2017 to share with you how we did the inside plaster.

As you know the goal of the hack-shack is to build with natural and locally available material. So for the inside plaster we choose mud and clay that we found a few miles away in the same valley. According to Ricardo’s mixture we added straw and horse manure.

The advantage of clay is that it has an isolating effect and can absorb and release humidity and therefore has a balancing effect on the climate within the house.

We placed a wire mesh on top of the sandbags to hold the electrical piping in place. But basically you can apply the clay mixture directly on the sandbags.


Ricardo applying his clay mixture on the inside.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-04 at 12.12.51 PM

The inside of the house starts to change with the first clay applied.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-04 at 12.18.10 PM

Naturaly the clay forms cracks when drying on the sun. Looks like an arid desert.

To cover the clay we used another widely common natural material, lime mixed with sand. Of course sand from the holy hack-shack land! 🙂

Lime has been used for millenials in construction and has many properties. It is water repellent, it has a very high PH and makes a natural barrier for bugs and is breathable for moisture to evacuate from the walls.

So we apply the lime and sand mix on top of the clay plaster, so it fills the cracks and gives a nice white painting. We just covered with one layer. Some people say you should apply several layers.


As a proof we left visible a little square of sandbags and clay plaster

The nice thing about the walls of the hack-shack is that it is almost completely natural and built out of very local material. The walls out of sand, clay and lime plaster. The walls look and feel really solid. I feel really excited about how the hack-shack is coming together.  It starts to turn out even better than I had imagined 🙂


Applying the different plasters, sand, clay and lime


The white lime plaster gives the house a greek mediteranean look


The Hack-Shack ready to receive the roof… coming up next:)


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