Homebiogas – The solution for cooking

I participated in last year’s Homebiogas Kickstarter Campaign and today I got all excited at work when receiving a parcel from the amazing Start-Up called Homebiogas, which I could visit in Israel this spring.

As you all know the Hack-Shack is supposed to be all-off-grid and affordable. An electric stove was not an option, since it consumes a lot of electricity and this would increase the expensive battery and solar panel requirements and make the project expensive.

As we do in Kessel, I try to use available resources for the Hack-Shack. Homebiogas is a domestic biodigestor that turns your food (and other organic) waste into energy.

So basically I will through my organic kitchen waste through the kitchen window into my Homebogas unit, where it will be turned into gas that I will use for the stove and cooking. The biodigestor also produces liquid fertilizer as a sideproduct, that I will use to grow my vineyard! 🙂 Of course the homegrown wine has to be tasted with a fresh catch from the sea of Cortes 🙂

I am really looking forward to try out Homebiogas to see how functional it is on a day to day basis. I will of course let you know if I get sufficient gas to cook my breakfest and coffee 🙂

So the message here is: The solution to sustainable housing and energy supply is not always solar panels and electricity. Not even in such a sunny place as Baja California. When determining your energy supply, consider in what form you use the energy (in this case it is heat for cookint). Then consider all available options that are available in your context to source the energy as local as possible, with the fewest transformations possible and that the energy supply is available at the moment you require it. Remember, electricity is noble and easy to transport, but dificult to store unlike gas or heat.




2 thoughts on “Homebiogas – The solution for cooking

    1. sam Post author

      Claro les comento cómo va… Primero terminamos bien la casa y hacemos las conexiones inclusive el gas así que el biodigestor después del verano y lo probamos bien!:)



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