Exactly one year later…

… and after many emotional ups and downs, the hack-shack has again the same appearance and advances as in October 2016, however featuring an additional porch and countless learnings about ecological and practical construction methods, but mostly learnings about myself and how to relate with people and create a team. The most important conclusion is to listen more carefully to my inner voice and I am truly thankful for this experience.

Edgar’s team put some big commitment into their work this week and built again all the sandbag walls.

My next visit is planned on Monday to install the hydraulic and electric installation before applying the plaster. Also will we prepare the hatched roof mounting and the solar installation. There is also a Tadelakt workshop coming up for the bathroom and wall plastering. Emotions are bubbling…

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 3.57.30 PM

The almost finished porch / dancefloor. Visible on the front edge,  the steel fixation for the balcony columns.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 3.57.28 PM

finishing the second level with sandbags

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