Starting all over again?

After such a setback, I returned with Octavio to the construction site the following day.

Somehow having Octavio with me, made me feel that I cannot give up. With his positive and calm attitude, I had to put up a poker face and pretend to pull off the hack-shack project, hands-down.


Octavio and me with my poker face

We walked several times around the house, reviewing what had to be redone and what was still functional. We started evaluating viable options to save as much work as posible. Thoughts popped up: We could use other material to fill the walls…. But sand remains the cheapest option. Sand is free, all over the place and doesn’t require hauling.

We were considering to remove the concrete structure and replace it with sleek steel beams and wood columns…. I even considered to tear down everything and start all over again. Making it a whole new project. At the same time I started realising that the set back actually could also turn into an opportunity; at a high emotional and monetary cost though.


Most of the material, besides the broken bags, can be reused and is still in good shape. No matter how much money was spent, on last year’s effort is a sunk cost. What counts is what we do starting now. So Sam, put on a constructive attitude, I motivated myself.

Sitting on top of the beams whilst the sun was setting, we reviewed over and over on how to arrange the first floor layout. Slowly the ideas converged on how to best fix the building. Octavio bounced off refreshing new ideas and we even had real-time WhatsApp support from Josue in Paris.  He was sending us options in shape of 3D SketchUp models as input and visualisations.

Throughout the day I had to call several times my coach Angie.

(A parenthesis: yes, I signed up for coaching. Me, Sam, the very anti-mainstreem and “I-can-always-do-everything- by- myself”,  finally accepted that with my 38 years,  I won’t achieve all my dreams by myself. So if I want to make a dent in the universe, I have to ask for help).

If you don’t know me, I always get frustrated and despaired, when things don’t go my way. After discussing my frustration with Angie and analyzing my attitude we got to the point that I should rather see the happening as a huge opportunity to make the house even better. The positive thoughts of what now is achievable, felt as a new morning. As intense and colourful sunrises can be in Baja California.


Every morning there is light on the horizon… Also in Baja.


I also want to mention that based on my last blog entry I received many messages, public and private, cheering me up and lifting my spirit, telling me to not give in. All you people contribute to me finding out of my valley of deception and therefore are somehow part of this project. I am deeply thankful to each one of you and promise I will not give in the hack-shack, though many difficulties are still to overcome. I will not give in on the path of enabling sustainable and autonomous housing to the lower middle class of emerging countries.





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