So 10 month have passed, since I wrote my last blog entry. Many things have happened in the mean time. But no advances in the construction of the Hack-Shack. Actually I made 2 steps back…

First things first. So, last year in November, I returned by car from Mexico to the hack-shack, making an awesome road trip of 3 days – by the way, I recommend highly road trips in Mexico. You discover many beautiful landscape and hilarious food – Unfortunately I didn’t find any advances made to the hack-shack. An inner voice became more and more difficult to ignore.

I returned to Mexico without being able to meet Gabriela during my stay. In December we ran over the total construction budget and there were neither plastered walls, nor a roof. With a heavy heart I had to pull the trigger when spending the budget’s last dime and ended the working relationship with Gabriela and Francisco.

That step took me a huge amount of courage. I avoided the decision for way too much time. It felt, as if I was attempting against my own dream, committing meaning-of-life-suicide. I scrambled around the decision for months. Running out of money didn’t let me any other choice though.

The construction was abandoned and left to wind and weather. I had no strength to go and check on the house during 10 months. Simple fear of facing the facts. I kept myself busy with building up kessel – our solar water heater business – and postponed any type of topic related to the construction.

In June I got finally my act together and started detailing the plans for the electrical instalación and hydraulic piping with Cinthia – a friend architect, with experience in straw bale building and other alternative solutions –  so I could finally apply the plaster on top of the Sandbags.

I got into contact with Josué and Octavio, two architects from Oaxaca with experience in bioconstruction. After a few Skype calls and a visit of some projects in Oaxaca, we decided to work together for the continuation of the Hack-Shack.

And now I am back in La Ventana, in the car with Octavio… driving up the sandroad heading towards the Hack-Shack, making the last turn around the last Torrote tree and all I see are shattered sandbags and a crumbled down building…


the polypropylene sandbags got decomposed by the sun. this used to be a complete wall…

For a second a deep sadness overcame my entire body. In my mental worse-case scenario I had anticipated such a shocking view. Nevertheless seeing it for real, made me speechless.

Within the next 20 seconds I analyzed what has to be done and nailed down the ideas on the next steps to proceed the construction. My left brain hemisphere was overdriving all my emotions; as always in my life. I discussed the next steps with Octavio and Edgar – our faithful contractor – to align.


Empty Sandbags hanging down from the Ecobeams, making the hack-shack look like a ghost-house.

I went to bed later on and woke up so frustrated the next morning. I just wanted to go home to Switzerland. I am broke, my house crumbled down, our start-up Kessel is not profitable yet, I messed up with my relationships and anyway I never achieve anything in my life…

6 thoughts on “Never ever let the Sandbags in the sun…. Not in Baja

    1. sam Post author

      Thanks Beto, for cheering up. It’s just a learning. but still painful at the beginning. Dawn of a sunny day is about to raise! 😉


    1. sam Post author

      Hühop! 🙂 Real Schutzlis never give in! they just might be a little sad for a short while, but in silence. Before the even greater return of the wiser Schmutzli! 🙂


  1. Juan Carlos Bernadac

    Ánimo Sam, somos muchos los que creemos en ti no te desanimes lo más difícil ya está hecho, si necesitas algo dime sabes que cuentas con nosotros

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sam Post author

      Gracias las palabras Juan Carlos! Es muy bonito recibir ánimos de todos ustedes. lo aprecio de verdad. seguramente vendrá el momento que pueden venir a visitar la casa para conocerla mejor! 🙂



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