What a week!

This was a very intense week! We finished the foundations, lifted the frames and started with the wall construction! We had Stephan, the german sandbagexpert on site. We had the fabulous film crew accompanying us and Sergio, working for Cemex – Negocios inclusivos y sociales, visiting us to get to know the building method.

The HackShack starts to show its face and starts to take shape. We have to get started on detailing the next steps, as the water recycling system, electrical and solar installations.  Many cool autonomous utility systems to execute on! 🙂

To appreciate the fruit of our efforts, I had to climb the scaffold and get a glimpse of the view we will have from the bedroom. Appreciate the next picture. This is how we will wake up every morning…


The view from the future bedroom….

One of the he HackShack’s objectives is to test an affordable and autonomous house in real life conditions, by living there myself. Of course I will spend a lot of time here, having such a view! 🙂 I feel really lucky to see the project’s objective slowly come together.

Today Saturday even the dusk laid a beautiful ending of this week on La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico…


After Sunset, towards the mountains, behind the HackShack…

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