We got Sandbags!

Yesterday morning, after a grueling Thursday, we erected the ecobeam frame work and laid our first Sandbag! Finally the awaited moment we were working towards, for months, has arrived. I felt so much joy and relief to put the first bag of the HackShack! It is an experience beyond words, building your own house with your own hands and with material from the very site.

Thursday was a very tough day. I went to La Paz before sunrise, to organize and follow up on the production of the required ecobeams. This took us the whole day, running around from wood dealer to the saw mill to the assembly shop. Nevertheless at the end we could produce all the remaining Ecobeams (2/3 of the total) in one day and Homero, the carpenter, transported the finished beams to the construction site the same evening. At midnight I crushed dead into my bed.

Yesterday morning Stefan, Katarina and myself got to the construction site at 7 am with Bamban, Martin, Adaid and Marco our truly comited workers. We finished assembling the frames with the beams and we erected all the frames in one single day! whilst the first frames were up we started laying the sandbags into the frames. With the help of Juan, Gabriela, and Sergio we filled and placed the first 500 bags of the house! Of course this had to be duly celebrated with some chilled beer on the beach and a swim in the sea at the end of the day!

I really feel so much more relaxed now that we started the part of the Sandbag walls. It is just the beginning and there is still a lot of work ahead of us, but the first few steps are done! This is an exciting journey we are making… I want to thank everybody contributing to the project for the effort, involvement, all support and high spirits! Without all of you this would not be possible!



2 thoughts on “We got Sandbags!

    1. sam Post author

      Thanks for the Compliments! The energy I receive from all of you is amazing and fuels me to try more and extend the journey to stretched goals. All this wouldn’t be possible without your support!



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