Making Headway – Slowly

Today was a difficult day. We had temperatures of over 38C and I worked hard on my “taxi-driver-stile” sun tan. Unfortunately we only could make little headway on the ecobeam assembly.

I have to pay big respect to all the workers on the construction site. They work all day long in this heat and put in extra hours. It is as like a free 10 hours sauna πŸ™‚

We use pine wood to assemble the ecobeams. Since there are many pine wood loving termites around we need to spray the wood before the frame assembly. Also we had to adjust the height of the first floor level and therefore we also had to adjust the height of the ecobeams. So we ended up cutting and joining pieces to adjust the frames to the correct size. These “mistakes” helped us understand the ecobeam system – learning by doing. Once a good understanding of the construction system is obtained, you can planΒ  and produce the ecobeam to the exact length and assemble swiftly with a few nails saving all this time and cost. So this was definitively a big learning today. You first need to try and learn, and only then you will transform from a Padawan to a master; and eventually Yoda.

So tomorrow we will head back to the shop in La Paz and produce the missing ecobeams to the exact size. So hopefully we can finalize the structure on the site tomorrow. Only then we will place the sandbags… the suspense is going on!

At the end of the day I still took my almost daily refreshing swim in the sea of Cortes, relaxing and enjoying the sunset ambience in almost 30C warm water…. lovely! πŸ™‚




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