Reviewing the last details

Today, the two architects, Gabriela Ortiz and Stefan Kracht, made a working session in Palapas Ventana, reviewing all the details of the Sandbag Construction Method and how it applies to the HackShack.

It is a refreshingly challenging, but not easy, adventure to make a cross-cultural and cross-language project introducing a new construction method in a well established industry.

Obviously there are many unknown in a project like the HackShack, where we challenge existing building technologies and construct a new housing concept.

Everybody wants to do his best and doesn’t posses all the information. Many decisions are based on assumptions and might fail. Therefore the importance of sitting down, talking together and asking all possible questions. Our collective intelligence can get us to astonishing solutions. Without trying, there is no learning!

By new year I want to test in real conditions, if a 4 person family can live, completely off grid, in a 25’000 USD home that is built with locally available material. By the way, this is when the kite season starts in La Ventana…. 😉

At the end of the day I feel relieved. We could clear all the doubts by sitting around a table, talking together face to face, as simple humans and reviewing the details on where to place each sandbag and each Ecobeam. All this after eating some freshly caught fish, prepared on the grill.

Stefan displayed patience and shared with us his big knowledge in sandbag construction in perfect, digestible portion. Gabriela eagerly absorbed and applied the newly learned to the project; taking into consideration how to best adapt to the local requirements and conditions. – Two professionals 🙂

Stay tuned: Tomorrow we will go and fill sandbags. Get ready for the walls!


The two architects, Stephan and Gabriela, reviewing the plans…




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