Full speed – gettig ready for the sandbag walls

Between Thursday and Saturday Edgar’s workers shifted gears and produced amazing advances.

On Monday we should finish the groundwork and start with the first sandbag wall on Tuesday.

The amazing crew poured and compressed earth in the ditch to improve the stability of the sandy soil, they prepped the rebars and poured the first concrete in the corner foundation leaving the rebars ready for the columns.

I feel excited to start building with sand, the abundant material here in Baja California, and in so many places around the world.

Sand has both, first a good thermal inertia – like stone walls – keeping fresh during the day and warm at night, and second, a good thermal insulation provided by the trapped air between the sand grains.

I also feel some nervousness, finally we are diving into the innovative and important steps of the sustainable construction.

So much looking forward to all the learnings this week. Now  “learning by doing” applies!😋


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