On Wednesday I returned to La Paz and picked up Stephan Kracht our Sandbag Expert and Pancho Jaime, our civil engineer, to visit the shop, where we are going to produce the Ecobeams required for the HackShack.

Pancho did an amazing job preparing tools and materials with the shop owner. Within a few minutes of discussion we could construct our first Ecobeam! 🙂

Later in the afternoon we moved on to the piece of desert, where I envision the hack-shack. To my astonishing surprise I found Gabriela Ortiz, our architect, working in the shade with our contractor Edgar. There were plenty of people around working hard, shoveling out the ditch for the foundation.

This is no longer just a piece of desert! This is the beginning of the HackShack’s making. I am really excited – the dream of the affordable, off-grid house built with local material is getting real!

2 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Valérie

    “une poutre mince” écologique!!! Botsis serait jaloux 😉 J’espère que tu as fait les calculs de résistance et le calcul de la flèche pour ta “poutre mince éco”.
    Huere geil Sämi!!! Gratuliere dir. Freu mi für di. Vale


    1. sam Post author

      Mais il y en a pleins de se poutres minces!!:)
      Des calculs? La flèche? Dans le sable? Beaucoup trop compliqué… Et on plus on a pas le temps! Faut aller faire du kite! 🙂
      Merci für die guete Wünsch! Zeig de gärn föteli oder no besser: chömet cho bsueche!:) LG Sämi



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