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This project stands for democratization and enabling the world with knowledge and adapted technology. Everybody and anybody can have a sustainable house and decide where to live. We all can have wonderful life!

Autonomous and sustainable house: 100% off grid.

Natural and local material guarantees healthy living and durability

No utility fees. All renewable energy.

Live your dream


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  • Tadelakt – Ancient Moroccan tradition for the Hack Shack bathroom - Tadelakt  is a waterproof plaster surface used in Moroccan architecture to make baths, sinks, water vessels, interior and exterior walls, ceilings, roofs, and even floors.
  • Palapa – Beautiful Hatched Roof -   So after the passing of Tropical Storm Bud. And the house withstanding the extreme weather back to where we left of… the roof. The roof is actually the easiest part to make with natural material. Hatched roofs have been around for centuries or millennials. So for the hack-shack we used palm tree leaves as […]
  • First Real Test – Hurricane Bud - So actually I wanted to share how we built the hatched palm leave roof. Nevertheless today I have a bigger concern. Bud. Hurricane Bud is heading straight ahead to the HackShack! So this will  be the first test for the house and roof to see whether the construction is really solid and withholds tropical storms […]
  • Inside Plaster - Yesterday I wrote about the arrival of the Biodigestor, but I haven’t shared any update on how the house has been coming together. So here we go back to October 2017 to share with you how we did the inside plaster. As you know the goal of the hack-shack is to build with natural and […]
  • Homebiogas – The solution for cooking - I participated in last year’s Homebiogas Kickstarter Campaign and today I got all excited at work when receiving a parcel from the amazing Start-Up called Homebiogas, which I could visit in Israel this spring. As you all know the Hack-Shack is supposed to be all-off-grid and affordable. An electric stove was not an option, since […]

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